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Learn more about Singapore, how you can stay free when you visit & explore opportunities to work there

Hi all that chanced on this event!

Understand that there are more of you that want to join in this event, but the group size is limited to 12 people given the size of the conference room.

Those that have registered to attend but are unable to make it, do update me so that others may take your place. I will see you at later.

For those that want to join me for coffee, I have some time from now till 5pm and will be around Tokyo station. :)

Drop me a message on Line (+65 9004 3445).


Our Co-Founder & Incubator Onyx, Ian Low, will be visiting Tokyo and looking to meet young like-minded people in the Tokyo startup scene.

He will sharing a little about what's happening in Singapore's startup scene, how you can crash free with us when you visit and opportunities for those looking for an adventure to work overseas in a startup.

A shoutout to Jeffrey Char, thanks for having us at J-Seed Ventures! :)

And here's something fun for you to read!

For those unable to join us for the event, feel free to drop me an email and we can try to meet up. :)
Line id: jianliang89


More about me

Ian Low Jian Liang


Co-Founder & Incubator Onyx


Jian Liang lives his life through application of design thinking and an entrepreneurial mind set. Nurturing of people is his greatest passion.

At the age of 5, he was already hawking his second hand toys illegally at a public park, which grew to more mini projects in a pursuit to satisfy his thirst for starting a business. As he got exposed to entrepreneurship through the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, he has relentlessly sought to be engaged in the field.

Jian Liang has interned in startups, joined a Venture Capital, done startup consulting, spoke at, mentored and judged at conferences, with experiences spanning around the globe, in USA, Israel, China and Asia.

Apart from the diverse network built, he strives to actively contribute back to the community, mentoring in the OrangeHive, numerous organisations and as part of the NUS Overseas Colleges Alumni Executive Committee.

In his free time, Jian Liang explores his interest in design thinking. He believes that Human- Centric Design is a mind set that can be applied to all aspects of life. He also loves drawing the use of starting up as an analogy for everything.

For leisure, Jian Liang plays basketball, scuba dives, goes deep-sea fishing and volunteers at the Singapore Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Travelling opens his eyes to the world and when he does travel, you can always find him getting plugged into the start up ecosystem there. #HaveFun

Armed with experiences in start up ecosystems, it prepares him for the all out war he is declaring on changing the galaxy with Reactor

Keep a lookout for Reactor Ventures. #BeAwesome

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Fri Jul 17, 2015
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM JST
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